One of my language partners @AlejandroJimenez gave me an interesting tip this week about something useful he learnt recently.

The use of “I will” and “I won’t” are usually used in Spanish to express your intentions.

For example: “I will/won’t go to work today.” 

However, you can also use this expression to declare your strong feelings about a decision that you have made.

For example:
A: “You must go to work today, no matter how much you hate your boss.”
B: “I will not.” OR “I won’t.” (contraction)

Or you can also use it as a promise:

A: “Are you going to study English this weekend?”
B: “I will.” – NOTE: Promises like this are NOT contracted (I’ll). You must use the full words.

I really want to post about issues that plague English learners. For this reason I’m keen to hear from you about what you need help with. Also, just like Alejandro, I’d love to know what useful facts you have learnt recently that may be useful to others. Comment below with what you want me to post about!

Peace out,

The Cookie Chef